Menu for school

The investment in healthy nutrition of your kids is along with the investment in their education one of the most important one. „We are what we eat.“ And this applies to kids even more. They are growing and therefore they need balanced and nourishing food every day. We offer a complete eating program for schools and pre schools with a delivery.

We are very particular about balanced food during the whole school week/month/year. That’s why we only use carefully selected suppliers of fresh meat, daily fresh fruit and vegetables and our daily baked pastry. We make our own deserts which we add to breakfast and afternoon snack for kids under 6 years

We cook HEALTHY:

  • - no wheat
  • - no chemicals
  • - no additives


  • - no frozen vegetables
  • - no chemicaly procesed vegetables without nuttrition
  • - no pre-cut vegetables

We have our own BIO garden which we manure with our own compost without any chemical spray.
We grow fresh herbs and different types of vegetables for example: courgette, squash, tomatoes, cucumber, corn, aubergine, lemon and other.

We prepare all kind of diet plans for kids, teenagers and adults.

List of enrolled schools: